Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

2003-07-19 - Finish Front Spar Assembly. (7.0 Hrs).

This was not a good day for building. I made my first, second, and third mistakes. Somehow, I spent 7 hours finishing-up the Front Spar assembly. Maybe that's why I made the mistakes. Oh, well, it had to happen sooner or later. Better to happen now, and be an early lesson. Lesson learned: read the instructions!


First mistake. Notice that the 702 flange should cover the 705 Rib. I cut off too much of the flange.


Second mistake. Notice, that I have drilled and cleco'ed the 704/705 ribs to the 702 spar and 710/714 reinforcing brackets. The instructions did not mention drilling, just marking and punching. I have to ask, why would the instructions want me to mark them if I wasn't going to drill them? Hope they line-up when I attach the skin.


The third mistake, is that I drilled the outer holes in the 710/714 brackets. You should not be able to put this whole assembly together, yet. Well, at least there shouldn't be holes for all of the clecos, yet. We'll see tomorrow if this holds up.

Callie says "maybe you are making mistakes because it's soo hot out here." Hey, if you're going to live in Texas.
Emmie says "it's hot, let's go inside." I agree, enough mistakes for today.