Empennage - Horizontal Stabilizer

2003-07-26 - Preparing the HS parts for assembly - part 2. (7.0 Hrs).

Deburring, and dimpling all day long. I also used my soldering iron to remove the plastic covering around the rivet lines.
Lots of scratches inside, where the ribs scrapped the front (bad photo, I know). It is almost impossible to Cleco in the ribs without scratching. I suppose I will need to Scotch-Brite the scratches and prime--dang. And that was before I removed the plastic.
Looks like Dufus showed-up again to get his picture taken, while I do all the work.
After Alodining, I went ahead and painted the parts. I primed and top-coated the 710/714 angle brackets, and I just top-coated the ribs. I'm still trying to decide just which way to go. I plan on priming and top-coating all parts that do not have AlClad, and Alodining any AlClad piece that gets scratched (that's like everything). However, I have to get a good Alodine coating to trust this. My first parts were less than perfect.