Empennage - Elevator

2003-09-11 - Work on elevators. (24.5 Hrs).

9/11/03 - 9/20/03: I broke my 3/32" dimple punch dimpling a nut plate. If you are going to dimple a nutplate, you need to grind down the dimple punch. Better yet, just countersink the nutplate.

Debur, debur, debur all over again. Here's half of about 12 hours of work.
Here's the other half of 12 hours of work.

Do not try to dimple nutplates! No more dimpling 3/32" holes for the next week.

Here's the trim tab access plate with the nut plates installed--after countersinking the nutplates.
Here's the results of the new back-rivet set. This does not look so bad, but the other rivets are not so nice.