Empennage - Elevator

2003-09-23 - Finished the right elevator (14.5 Hrs).

9/23/03 - 9/30/03 - It's been awhile since I update the webpage, but I finished the right Elevator, and started on the left. My 3/32" dimple punch came in, so I am back on track. I had a lot of trouble rolling the leading edge of the right elevator, which was a surprise, since the rudder was so easy. I also made a few mistakes, as usual, which were fixed to my satisfaction. Hey, that second plane is going to be great!


Here's the first screw-up on the right elevator. Notice, that the counterweight has 4 holes, when it is only supposed to have 2 holes. That's because when I originally drilled it, I had it pointed in instead of out (i.e., backwards). I found the problem when I went to do final assembly. The fix did the job.


Here's the second screw-up on the right elevator. Notice, that there is one rivet that has a nice big head. Yep, he's in backwards. Not really a problem, just not professional.


Here's the third screw-up on the right elevator. Well, not exactly a screw-up, just a disappointing job. The right elevator was really hard to get the leading edge rolled. This picture shows the gap in the leading edge after the pop rivets have been installed. I might want to add two more rivets.

Anyway, here's the finished right elevator. Now, on to the left elevator, where Van warns us "most of the mistakes are made!"