Wing - Spars

2003-11-17 - Wing kit arrives (3.0 Hrs).

It took less than 1 week for the Wing Kit to arrive (the same Oregon to Texas trip as the empennage). Shipping was $283. That seems pretty reasonable for 400 lbs in two crates.

I finished the empennage, except for the fiberglass work, over a month ago. I had these big plans to do the fiberglass on the empennage, paint the empennage, and build a shed for the empennage and wings. Well, I got the fiberglass done for the horizontal stabilizer and the elevators. I painted one fiberglass tip, and the trim tab. The shed turned into an open platform. Where did all the time go?

The shed looked like it was going to cost well over $300, so I ended up building a small platform to lay the wings and empennage on in the backyard. I plan on wrapping everything in plastic, but I am a little worried about condensation. We'll see.

Looks like I've got work to do, again.

Here they are! This is what you get for $5400: two relatively large boxes this time.
his is scarry!
Dufus is a lot of help.
Thanks for the help Dufus.
Ok, I'll get this one.
Maybe I should let you take the front.
Job well done. The funny thing about this whole delivery, is that it was forcast to rain around noon time, and then get worse. I was a little nervous when it started raining around 8 am, but then it turned to sunny blue skies around noon, right before the truck showed up. Then it started raining as soon as I got everything into the garage.
All bagged parts inventoried, put into containers, and labeled.
In the tool box, out of the way.