Wing - Spars

2004-01-02 - Primed the countersunk holes in the spars (1.0 Hrs).

It was about 70 degrees here in Austin today, so I finally primed the countersunk holes in the wing spars using a brush. I didn't want to use a Scotch-Brite pad on the wing spar, so I simply cleaned the holes with an auto store degreaser (Naptha, I think) and I painted the holes with a brush. We'll see if that AFS Primer Sealer will stick to a polished surface.

The long white thing on the left is the rear spar that was primed last week. The AFS Primer Sealer seems to be pretty tough. It still hasn't had a lot of handling, so we'll see how it holds up.

On New Year's Eve, I went to Dixie Tool Crib and bought a 1/4" reamer. Yesterday, I used the new reamer to ream out the new aileron bushings that Van's sent me. This took about 2 minutes to ream out, then I spent a half hour polishing the bushing and getting them to fit just right. A lot faster than the improvised method. It's nice to have the right tool for the job. Thanks go to Jeff Bordelon for pointing me to Dixie Tool Crib. I got one of their catalogs. It's about 2 inches thick--oh boy, Happy New Year!