Wing - Ribs

2004-01-17 - Assembled the right wing skeleton. (4.0 Hrs).

I finished enlarging the holes in the ribs for the wiring conduit. This took several hours because I had to use a deburring tool to finish reaming out the holes. It took 50 times around for each hole (60 towards the end). This will make your arm ache. I only bought the 1/4"-3/4" unibit. The next larger unibit at ATS is 9/16"-1". I didn't think the extra 1/4" would make that big a difference, (plus, I didn't want to spend another $32).

Next, I finally got to see some progress. I assembled the right wing skeleton, and match drilled the main ribs.

The main ribs cleco'ed to the right main spar. Don't get too excited, they all have to come off, get deburred again, and then primed.

The main ribs cleco'ed to the rear wing spar. I discovered that the reinforcing plate for the aileron pushrod pass-through was improperly riveted. The holes for the rib were blocked, so I had to drill out the rivets. In my defense, this is the right wing, and the plans only show the left wing, so you have to transpose the holes. Something you probably learned to do somewhere around the 4th or 5th grade.

The obligatory "RibHoles" picture. Notice the conduit holes.