Wing - Ribs

2004-01-18 - Assembled the left wing skeleton. (7.0 Hrs).

I finished match-drilling the nose ribs for the right wing skeleton. Then I assembled the left wing skeleton and match-drilled--the same as the right. Finally, I deburred all of the ribs after match drilling--yes, more deburring.

Next, we need to prime all of the ribs and start riveting the main ribs to the spars. Yesterday, it was about 70° (F) here in Austin--perfect weather to paint. Today, it is about 40°--too cold to paint (especially the etching and rinsing with a hose outside part). I missed it by that much. I guess I can't complain. My fellow builders on the east coast saw -20° (F) a few days ago.

Notice that I removed the main ribs to make it easier to get at the nose ribs. The left looks the same as the right.
And we are back to the original pile of ribs again, all deburred again, ready to be Scotch-padded, cleaned, etched, and primed. It never ends.