Wing - Left Wing

2004-02-09 - Fitting the top wing skins. (2.5 Hrs).

Finally, some actual work on the airplane after working 15 hours on the wing stand! I cut and drilled the wing doublers for the left wing, and fit the top wing skins.

The instructions say to use 9 3/8"x26" .025 to make the wing doubler. They give you a 10" x 48" piece for each side, so you have to cut it to size. No sense in reducing the 10" to 9 3/8", so that's ok. But the instructions say the doubler goes from 9/16" aft of the main spar to about 1" past the rear spar. This would put the doubler exactly in line with the end of the rear spar, so I cut it to 27" to give me the 1" overhang. I can always cut it down to 26", but it would have been hard to add the extra 1" later. I'm not sure why they don't extend this all the way out to the end of the top skin. Maybe there would be a flutter problem--who knows.

Clamp the doubler to the W-702 skin and drill the first few holes.
Get a few clecos in, then drill, drill, drill.
Put a Cleco in every 4th hole, then drill, drill, drill, and drill some more. Yeah, there's a lot of holes in this thing. Which reminds me, I need to update the rivet counter for the spars.
Check the backside to make sure the clecos actually go through the ribs and not to the side of a rib (it could happen).