Wing - Left Fuel Tank

2004-03-22 - Prepared the capacitive fuel gauge senders. (2.0 Hrs).

All the parts for both tanks.
Attach some nut plates and trim the bottom edges to clear the tank stiffeners.
Looks like I need a little more trimmng on that lower left edge. Note, that I just cut the edge diagonally, rather than notching it. This is easier and neater, and does not really affect capacitance. In fact, I suspect it is more accurate. I had to attach and remove these plates several times to get the clearance right. Plus, I had to cut the bottom edge down to get 3/16" clearance.
Both senders are done. I really like the fact that these senders are non-mechanical. I know that they have been using resistive senders in cars and airplanes for decades, but these capacitors just make me feel better.