Wing - Left Fuel Tank

2004-03-25 - Final preparations before Pro Seal - fuel cap. (2.0 Hrs).

Drill the T-406B fule cap flange, dimple the skins for the fuel cap, and fabricate the T-714 vent line clip. Then drill the tank skin for the VA-112 fuel drain. Fuel in, and fuel out.

Fuel cap nicely centered and the flange is drilled. Note, I kinda messed-up drilling this. The first hole was a little off, so I drilled the next one a little off to try and help center the cap, then the next hole to pull in the second hole. When I got done, I noticed that the fuel cap could move around a little, so getting it perfectly centered is more a matter of how you tighten the cap, than how you drill the holes in the flange (although, that's important). It came out just fine. Oh, yeah, deburr the fuel cap flange and the holes in the skin.
Here's that T-714 clip. They actually have part number for a part that you get to make from any ole piece of scrap. Came out good (after you deburr that piece of scrap, of course).
Finally, the tank drain. Nothing special here, except, notice the high-tech VA-112 centering tool I made (a piece of rolled-up cardboard). It worked great. Don't laugh, but I actually put this in the bottle that has the other VA-112 stored in it. That's 60 seconds that I won't have to waste on the right tank!