Wing - Left Fuel Tank

2004-03-27 - Final preparations before Pro Seal - dimple skins. (2.0 Hrs).

We had a little problem dimpling the skins. After the first row of dimples, I broke the dimple punch. With one person, it can be hard to hold the skin and hit the punch at the same time. Anyway, I didn't have the punch all of the way in the female dimple die, so when I applied the hammer, it was off center and the punch broke off. It broke just like the last one when I tried to dimple that nutplate.

I ordered two new punches from ATS, which makes me mad because I just sent them an order earlier in the week for the flaring tool. Two dimple punches, $10 a piece, and $6 shipping (last week's order was free shipping). I also ordered a set of tank dimple dies from Cleveland's for $32.

I'm dead in the water, until the dimple dies come in, so I finished deburring the tank skins. There'll be no Pro Sealing this week.


Ouch, that hurt!

Here's the result. We've seen this before. Maybe I should figure out how to fix these things.