Wing - Left Fuel Tank

2004-03-30 - Final preparations before Pro Seal - fuel vent. (1.0 Hrs).

I got a new toy today, from ATS, and I had to try it out. Since the fuel vent line needs to be installed before the tank is sealed, I ordered a flaring tool from ATS last week. The cheapest tool that I could find was the Parker 37° from ATS. I was worried about buying the cheaper tool, especially since the $80 Rol-Aire 37° looked a lot simpler. Fear not, this is a very quality tool, that works great.

Simple to use, handles a half-dozen tube sizes, and does a great job.
Houston, we have a problem. I played around with the fuel vent and tank fuel pickup fittings, and I discovered that the anti-rotation bracket does not sit flush against the access cover. I used a deburring tool to enlarge the hole a bit, and it fit better, but not quite flat. I think someone had the same problem last week on the RV-list. The hole is getting very close to the end of the bracket. However, even if I have to cut the end out of the bracket, the sides will still prevent the fuel pickup from rotating. Hopefully, a little more reaming will get it to fit right.