Wing - Left Fuel Tank

2004-04-07 - Assembling and sealing the tank - Second Rib. (1.5 Hrs).

Ok, so I was wrong. You can do ProSealing a little at a time after work. I did my second rib tonight, and it went a lot better. First, make sure you have lots of light. Second, remove the end rib when doing the next to last rib on the outboard end of the tank. Third, this ain't that hard.

Obviously, 1.5 hrs is a lot better than 3 hours per rib. That's about 1/2 hour to prep and mix the ProSeal, 15-20 minutes to rivet one rib, and 1/2 hour to dab ProSeal on all of the rivets, and just about everywhere else, plus 15-20 minutes to clean-up the mess. Currently, I am using just about 1.0 oz of ProSeal per rib.