Wing - Left Wing

2004-05-09 - Assembling the leading edge. (2.0 Hrs).

Finished riveting the leading edge and installed it on the spar. Still need to rivet the LE to the spar.


Just once, I would like to finish an assembly without at least one bad rivet!

W-423 riveted to the leading edge. Nice and tight. The white is primer, not a gap. That's right, I put primer along the edge of the LE skins. What's it to ya? You trying to start a war?
Still a little bump at the front. The edge roller does not produce quite as good of a lip around the curved edge as it does on the straight edges.
Pretty good on the top of the wing.
Not bad at the front edge. Hey, you should have seen it last month. There was at least an eigth of an inch gap here!
All done for the day. Dufus, go home!