Wing - Left Wing

2004-05-15 - Riveting the top skins. (2.5 Hrs).

Van's instructions say that this can be done on your own, but he suggests that you get help--good suggestion.

The inboard top skin all cleco'd on, ready to rivet. The inboard skin is done first, because it goes under the outboard skin.
Here's what you have to do in order to do this on your own. Put a rivet in and press the rivet gun up against the rivet. Then, take this long, heavy bucking bar and reach around the back of the wing, and look for the rivet. Push the bucking bar up against the rivet and look back around to the front to make sure that the rivet gun is squarly on the rivet. Now pull the trigger for 1/2 second. Look around the back and check the head. Repeat as needed.
Here's all that I could do today. Hey, I'm telling you, that bucking bar gets heavy.