Wing - Left Flaps and Ailerons

2004-05-31 - Installing the flap brace. (2.0 Hrs).

Finished riveting aileron gap fairing and the flap brace to the rear spar.

End aileron bracket.
Inner aileron bracket.
Flap brace. Note, this is not dust in my garage, this is the humidity. It was so humid that I am worried about all of the salt water that dripped off my head onto the inside of the skins, which are not primed. I guess this is payback for bragging to our northern comrades about the great weather for building in February.
The aileron gap fairing. Note, I went ahead and riveted the fairing to the top skins, even though the instructions did not say to do this here. I looked ahead, and they never say to rivet the fairing to the top skins. I assume we are getting into that part of the project where the instructions don't really say what to do, you just need to figure it out for yourself. The plans become even more important.
I decided to test out the "sucking the string through the conduit with a vacuum cleaner" trick. I tied a wad of paper towel to some fishing line and sucked it through the conduit with a vacuum cleaner--worked great. No need to tieoff a sting for later.

Notice my fancy rivet gauge. I know that I have a calibrated eye, but I decided to go ahead and make one, since I seem to have a tendency to drive the rivets just a little too much. This helps me recalibrate my eye once in a while.