Wing - Left Flaps and Ailerons

2004-06-08 - Deburr aileron stiffeners. (3.0 Hrs).

Finished deburring the angle stiffeners for the left aileron. I was going to do all of the stiffeners for both ailerons at once, but I am tired of cutting and deburring these things. This task was starting to feel like deburring the ribs.

Stiffeners cleco'd to the left aileron skins and match-drilled.
Bellcrank and pitot tube. The bend in the pitot tube is a little sharper than I would like, but it will do. One note about tightening down the bolts that hold the bellcrank to the tie-down, is that the specified torque for the AN3 bolts is almost less than the force required to thread the bolts into the nutplates--20 inch-pounds is not much force.
The plans say to cut the pushrods to 23 13/16". Since you get a 48" tube, I decided to cut the tube exactly in half and file the extra 3/16" off each end. Looks like I got pretty close to exactly in the middle, but I would have saved a cut if I had cut each tube to 23 7/8". It was a lot of work to file down 3/16" on that steel tube, so I used the hacksaw to cut another 1/8" off the end. I suppose I could have used the grinder, but I hate that thing.