Wing - Right Wing

2004-08-14 - Right wing skeleton in the stand. (4.5 Hrs).

I finished riveting the right wing skeleton, and placed the wing on the stand.


What's wrong with this picture? That's right, some idiot put a rivet in the hole where the flap brace is supposed to go later, even though there was a mark around the hole to remind him not to rivet this hole!

That rivet drilled out real nice. Notice the column of shop heads on the right. This is according to Van's instructions (i.e., put the manufactured head on the thinnest part and the shop head on the thicker metal). However, the RVAtor recently did a story on this and they decided that it really doesn't matter that much. I put the manufactured head on the outside on the two inboard ribs, and it looks a whole lot better, and the other side looks plenty solid.
Here's another rivet that I decided to drill-out. I originally tried to squeeze this rivet, but I couldn't get the squeezer all the way over the rivet, and half of the head bent up. This picture is after I redrove the rivet with the rivet gun. It looks ok, but I was worried about it cracking later. Probably was ok, but better to be safe.
After putting the wing on the stand, I realized that the wing is reversed, so it does not fit like the left did. I need to put a new notch in the bottom wing stand brace.
Problem solved.
We've seen this before. You need to make sure that the middle of the wing is supported, just like we did for the left wing. This is before we jacked up the bottom.
That's better.
Drill the wing walk support, again.
Cleco on the top wing skins, again.
Check the back side to make sure all of the clecos went into a rib, again.