Wing - Right Fuel Tank

2004-08-25 - Preparing the right fuel tank (T-405 tank attach angle). (3.0 Hrs).

Somehow, I spent 3 hours cutting out and finishing the T-405 tank attach angle.

After marking the rib outline on one side, I realized that the long part does not lay against the rib, it sticks out, so I marked it again (actually a few times, since I didn't like the first few outlines). Then I marked the radius for the end that sticks out from the tank.
Oops, the radius does not cover the whole side, it is actually just one inch (R1 on the plans). In fact, I redrew this line several times. I used a lot of paint thinner on this part. If you just follow the plans, you can't go wrong.
I got to use the Smithy, again.
This is the part after the Smithy is done with it.
The new $50 combination disk and belt sander from Harbor Frieght did a nice job.
After filing, deburring, and polishing.
All ready to be drilled to the rib.