Wing - Right Fuel Tank

2004-08-28 - Preparing the right fuel tank (fuel pickup, access cover). (3.5 Hrs).

Fabricated the fuel pick-up tube, the T-915 anti-rotation bracket, and finished assembling the access cover T-407 stiffener ring. I screwed-up the T-915 bracket again. I really expected to get things right the second time around, but I seem to be making as many, if not more, mistakes on the second wing. Somehow, I thought I could just whip on through this tank without having to read the plans again, but I can't.

Dufus showed-up to get his picture taken again. What an idiot, he's trying to figure out how the screwdriver works. It's a countersink, you moron. You can bet he won't be around to get his hands dirty with the ProSeal.
Countersink the nutplate rivet holes in the T-407 stiffener ring. The rib gets dimpled.
Make sure everything fits before cutting off the tube. Although, I have plenty of tubing this time.
Which one do you think is right (hint: not the one on the left)? I just blindly marked the center of the T-915 anti-rotation bracket and cut a hole. Then, I tried to fix the part by using the Smithy to elongate the hole, but I took too much off the side. The mangled part was too loose to perform the anti-rotation function, so I read the plans, and cut a new part. Even following the instructions, you still need to take a little more off the end to get the elbow to fit just right.
Parts finished today.