Wing - Right Fuel Tank

2004-09-04 - Assembling and sealing the right fuel tank (cap senders). (5.5 Hrs).

I did the last inner rib plus the final assembly and installation of the capacitive senders today. I really like the idea of the capacitive senders, since there are no moving parts, but these things are really a pain to install. They are about as simple as you can get, but they seem to take forever to install. I really don't think anything can go wrong with these things after they are installed, but I'm not sure they are worth the trouble.

I know it looks like I spent 5-and-a-half hours on one rib and the senders today, but I also had to do the final sealing of the previous three ribs. Yesterday, I had to quit abruptly, and I did not finish putting goop along the seams and rivet tails. This took quite a while to do the three ribs from yesterday. It's best to finish each rib while the ProSeal is still wet, if you can.

Attach one end of the 48" wire that you crimped and soldered a few days ago to one plate.
Attach the BNC to the end rib and solder the 12" wire to the BNC connector.
On the inboard plate there is just barely enough extra wire to lift the plate out of the tank while you screw the two wires to the plate. It's like monkeys and footballs.
Finally, attach the plates to the ribs (after you have put goop on the connectors, of course).