Wing - Right Fuel Tank

2004-09-05 - Assembling and sealing the right fuel tank (end ribs). (4.5 Hrs).

End ribs, vent line, and final inspection before the baffle. We had a few problems today. The first problem was with the snap bushings for the fuel vent line. A few days ago, I cut a notch out of the snap bushings so the wire for the capacitive senders would fit in the bushings along with the vent tube. After I notched each SB, I put them all back into a container. They get in the way of riveting if you leave them in the ribs. Yesterday, I was at least smart enough to install the snap bushings before I installed the wires for the capacitive senders, but I was not smart enough to make sure that each SB that had a wire going through it, also had a notch. This was not a real big problem. I could still use an exacto knife to cut a notch in the snap bushings while they were in place, even with the wires running through them. The other way is easier, though.

The other problem that I ran into was with the T-405 tank attach bracket on the inboard rib. Last week, when I fabricated this part, I spent a lot of time making it fit nicely up against the front of the rib. Then I thought to myself, "I better leave some room for the rivets in the rib," so I moved it back a little, filed it some, and then drilled it to the nose rib. Today, after putting goop on the bracket and trying to cleco it to the rib, I discovered that it would not fit because of the rivets along the edge of the rib. I spent 10 minutes filing it down and getting it to align with the holes. It's a good thing that I didn't drill it where I had originally fit it. I would have spent an hour filing it down while the ProSeal was setting up.


Where's the notch?

Threading the vent tube throught the snap bushings.
Out the other end, and bend it up a little, you don't want it underwater, so to speak.

After filing T-405 for awhile, the final fit was very nice.

Looks good here.
ProSeal the wires to the vent tube.
Make sure the end rib has plenty of ProSeal on the inside at the nose.
And the outside, too.
Final inspection, to be sure that the tooling hole is covered. Ok, we're ready for the baffle, but I'm too tired today.