Wing - Right Fuel Tank

2004-09-06 - Assembling and sealing the right fuel tank (rear baffle). (6.5 Hrs).

I installed the rear baffle today. Just like the other tank, I had to deburr the rear baffle before I could install it. This is going to be a long day. I spent at least an hour-and-a-half cleaning clecos and deburring the rear baffle before I could start ProSealing.

Rear baffle deburred and scratched, ready to go.
Looks like I have enough to finish the job.
Here you can see the bead of sealant along the edge, with the gap so the water can drain along the back of the tank.
Notice that I put an extra lip of sealant along the edge of the end rib, where it leaked on the first tank.
A lot of guys seem to like to use some sort of special applicator to lay down the bead for the rear baffle. I thought about using a syringe, since I have a whole bag full of them. I decided it would be a real mess to put the goop in the tube. I just use my handy fat popsicle sticks with pointy ends. You put goop on one side of the popsicle stick and drag it along the rivet line, a little at a time. I know Van says to put the bead below the rivet holes, but I really think you need to be able to push the goop with the baffle a ways to get a good bead on the baffle. If the ProSeal is too low, the baffle does not have much of a chance to roll a bead and stick. At least, that's how I see it.
The rivets along the baffle really came out nice this time. I backed the squeezer off a ways for the first squeeze. After all of the rivets weere initially set, I came back and did a final squeeze. This really seemed to do the job. I only had one rivet that was a little proud. I wish I had done this on the first tank.
Final inspection, good seam on this side.
Good seam on the other side.
From the inside, right corner looks good (or at least filled).
Middle seam, where it leaked last time, looks good.
Left corner looks good.
I may have gone overboard a little here, but this tank is not going to leak at the ends!
Same for the other end.
From the top.
All done (except for the access cover, of course).
Oh, yeah, I did the fuel pick-up on the access cover, also.
Well, look who shows up when all the work is done--lazy, bastard!