Wing - Right Wing

2004-09-19 - Wing skin preparation and assembly. (3.5 Hrs).

After finishing the right tank, I took a week off from working on the airplane, now it's time to get back to work. The next step is preparing the wing skins for riveting. This involoves a whole lot of minor tasks that seem to take forever to finish. The worst part is that you don't see any progress, until you are ready to rivet the skins.

Finally riveted the nutplates to the main spar for the right fuel tank. I was avoiding this because I did such a crummy job on the left wing, but I didn't have to worry because they came out really good. I must have learnt something the first time around. Maybe I just used the right bucking bar for the job (the other end of the little hammer-like one--this has become my favorite bucking bar).
After countersinking all of those holes on the main spar, I used a tiny brush to prime each hole. This is very tedious work.
I didn't do this on the left wing, but Van's instructions say to lightly countersink the holes on the rear spar after dimpling them--can't hurt. Now I have to prime each hole again!