Wing - Right Wing

2004-09-25 - Wing skin preparation and assembly. (5.0 Hrs).

Continued doing preparation for assembling the wing skins and the leading edge. I did the nutplates on the W423 splice plate, deburred all of the wing skins, including the bottoms, and used the soldering iron to remove the plastic along the rivet lines.

A fellow builder asked me why I still keep the plastic on, since I am going to get scratches in the skins when I sand them for painting. I actually believe that the plastic will help prevent a deep scratch, and I just feel that it offers a small level of protection. Plus, I just like to do this, even though it is very time consuming. It may be a big waste of time, since some builders have reported corrosion under the plastic (hard to believe), and, supposedly, it is hard to remove the plastic after a month. However, I have had the wings for almost a year, and I had to remove the plastic on the inside of the leading edge skins. It did not seem any harder than on the empennage, which was a four month project. Then, again, I could be wrong.

Touched-up the countersunk holes on the rear spar.
You know what this means. I've been busy with the soldering iron.
Skins all deburred and plastic removed along rivet lines.
Another nutplate assembly line.
Drill em.
Countersink the splice plate.
Rivet em, and you are done.
I made a bigger box to hold my drilling/dimpling/countersinking/riveting tools. If I told you how much time I spent on this, you would laugh. But it doesn't count, because I was watching TV. Funny how all these tools are nicely stored, when everything around the box looks like a mess.