Wing - Right Flaps and ailerons

2004-10-11 - Preparing to prime the aileron and flap parts. (5.0 Hrs).

I took Columbus' birthday off today, so I had one more day to get the priming done. I was just going to prime the aileron and flap parts that I had deburred, but I decided it would be stupid to prime them before they were match-drilled and dimpled, which required me to assemble everything, which lead to doing the flap bracket, which required the 6.3° bend, plus the nutplate, and don't forget the counterweight, so it looks like we can forget about priming this weekend.

I remembered to drill the bottom of the aileron spar and skins for those 1/8th inch pop rivets this time.
Match-drilling takes a lot of clecos and time. I'm never going to get these parts primed.
The famous 6.3° bend and the nutplate. Don't forget to countersink FL-706B for the nutplate. Some people seem to just add the nutplate to the rib, but the drawings are pretty clear on this.
I remembered to drill the hole in the end of the flap ribs this time.
Don't forget the FL-708 spacers. Last time I made these but I forgot to rivet them in. I had to drill out the rivets and do it again.
I drilled the extra middle hole in the flap spar, again, since you need two holes to hold the rib in place while you drill these holes to #30.