Wing - Right Flaps and ailerons

2004-10-15 - Preparing to prime the aileron and flap parts. (3.0 Hrs).

Preparation continues. I swear, I am going to prime these parts this weekend!

Oops! This is one of the A-408 aileron spar reinforcement brackets. Notice how close to the edge the holes are on the left. The bracket needed to be turned 90°.
Fortunately, those parts were made from scrap. After I made these parts I found the actual pieces in bag 419. Looks like I am going to need the real parts.
Drilling the lead pipe. The holes start small (#40), and get bigger (#30).
I really like this paint remover wheel from WalMartz. The left side of the pipe has been roughed-up, the right side shows the corrosion. Hopefully, the primer will stick a little better this time.