Wing - Right Flaps and ailerons

2004-10-16 - Priming the aileron and flap parts. (5.0 Hrs).

Finally, I got to prime these parts, today. First, however, I figured I might as well paint the hindge, also, so I had to drill the flap hindge to the flap spar. The real problem with drilling the flap hindge now, is that the instructions say to position the hindge in or out a little to get the flap to line-up with the aileron. This is hard to do before the aileron is built and bolted to the wing. So, what I did was to drill the hindge pretty close to what the other flap was drilled, but only on the flap side. I will drill the hindge-to-wing side when I am ready to install the bottom skins.

Drilling the flap hindge to the flap spar.
This was all done, just so I could countersink the spar before I primed.
Everything all deburred, ready to clean, etch, and prime.
I decided to try the powder coat touch-up paint that I got from Van's. The holes have been drilled-out and touched-up using the paint. Looks good to me.
This is what I found when I opened my chemical storage container. Hard to see, but there is about an inch of MetalPrep79 in the bottom of the container. This all came from two plastic milk bottles which had MetalPrep79 diluted with water 1:1 stored in them.
Both milk bottles were full of cracks. The chemicals were stored in my garage, which gets above 100° in the summer. I assume that the MetalPrep weakened the plastic and the expansion from the heat popped the bottles. This was a surprise, since the MetalPrep comes in plastic bottles, which appear to be made from the same material as the milk jugs. The MetalPrep bottles are quite a bit thicker, though. About the same as the jugs that you get with windshield washer fluid, which is what I used to pour the stuff into after I used it today. I know, you probably would have thrown it away.
Right bin is MetalPrep79, left is water rinse.
Everything all cleaned, ready to prime.
Everything came out great. I really like this AFS primer.