Wing - Right Flaps and ailerons

2004-10-17 - Installing the flap brace and aileron gap fairings. (4.0 Hrs).

As the header says, I installed the flap brace and aileron gap fairings. I also, tapped the tiedown bracket for a tiedown ring and attached it to the wing.

I decided to drill out and reverse the top row of rivets where the ribs attach to the rear spar. On the left wing, I had something rubbing against the aileron until there was a dent in the leading edge. I think it might have been these rivets. Generally, we like to put the shop head on the thicker material, but even Van has reversed his position on this and said it really doesn't matter.
That's better.
All done.
Don't forget to pull-up all of that tape on the spar that you put there to keep the filings out.
You need to tap the tiedown for a tiedown ring. I couldn't remember what size drill to use, but I knew which tap was correct, since it was the only one in my set that had aluminum in the threads. The instructions said the drill size was punched on the tap, but I quickly figured-out that 3/8" was not the right size drill (apparently the tap is 3/8"). Fortunately, I only drilled about 1/4" deep with the 3/8" drill. It looks like an 11/32" drill is about right.
Tiedown installed, ready to be removed, again, and stored away.