Wing - Right Flaps and ailerons

2004-10-24 - Fitting the right flap and aileron. (2.0 Hrs).

Fit the right flap and aileron to the wing, and drilled the right flap hindge. I also clecoed the bottom skins onto the wing, just to make sure that everything still fit ok (note, you need to do this to drill the hindge, anyway).

As usual, I had quite a bit of trouble with the flap hindge. The left flap hindge seemes to have quite a bit of friction, so I wanted to make sure that I drilled this hindge as straight as possible. I decided that this would be best accomplished if I drilled the hindge to the flap brace and bottom skins with the flap attached. Unfortunately, it is not possible to clamp the hindge to the flap brace and the bottom skins with the flap attached.

So, I measured as best I could, and finally drilled a hole in the left end of the hindge, and clecoed the flap and hindge in place. Of course, this was off a little, as the flap-to-aileron gap was off by more than I would like, so I had to ream out the first hole a little to allow the hindge to slide over a little--that's one Oops rivet that will be needed. Then I drilled the second hole to lock-in the position of the first hole, but that was still off a little--one more oops rivet needed. The third hole was just right, so I decided to drill the hole on the right. That was off a little, so there's another oops. The next one was closer, and the third was just right. When I was done, the hindge was just right, but there's 4 oopsies. Actually, nothing is riveted yet, so I guess I just need to put -4 rivets in those spots. I hope I remember (just wrote a note to do this).

Drilling the right flap hindge.
All installed (need to dimple and countersink the hindge parts).