Wing - Right Wing

2004-10-29 - Fitting the bottom wing skins. (4.0 Hrs).

Finished work on the right flap hindge and started preparing the bottom skins for riveting.

Countersunk the flap hindge holes in the flap brace, and primered the holes.
The two inner holes that were reamed-out a bit much got drilled-out to #30. I decided this was better than putting in an oops rivet, which should really only be used when you cannot redimple or recountersink the hole.
The two outer holes really got reamed out, so I added an extra piece over the hindge to hold things together--problem solved.
Cutting the spacers for the aileron brackets.
Deburred the inner bottom skins, and countersunk the rivet holes for the nutplates for the access covers. The conduit was installed and RTV'ed last week.