Wing - Right Wing

2004-10-30 - Riveting the bottom wing skins . (4.0 Hrs).

Finished preparing the inboard wing skin, and riveted it in place.

Drilled the hole in the aileron bracket for the right flap hindge pin. Figure out where the pin is centered, then drill the hole just a little higher to keep the hindge pin from coming out.

Two nice ladies came by to tell me that God is going to make things better, so we don't have to worry, even if George does get elected again. Of course, they asked me about building, and when I was explaining how much better built a homemade airplane is, I noticed this rivet missing where the rib attaches to the rear spar--only a slight loss of credibility. Oh well, I thanked them for saving my life, and then I put an LP4-3 in the hole (the other side of the hole is covered up by the aileron gap brace).

Inboard bottom skin all dimpled.
I changed my hole deburring technique a little. Before, I was running the screwdriver countersink on both sides of each hole before dimpling. Since I have been doing a little countersink on each dimpled hole, I decided I could take care of the deburr and countersink in one step. I think the light countersinking helps keep the rivet from sticking up. Note, that it is still better to deburr the back side of the hole before dimpling.
Inboard skins all riveted on. I discovered a whole row of rivets on the fourth rib had heads sticking up. I fixed this tomorrow.