Wing - Right Wing

2004-10-31 - Riveting the bottom wing skins. (4.0 Hrs).

I deburred and dimpled the outboard bottom skins, and I made good progress on riveting the last skin to the wing. Happy Halloween!

The last dimple on the wings. Actually, there's about twenty more to do for the right wing tip, but nobody counts the wing tips as far as the wings being done. Most builders don't do them until the final assembly of the whole airplane. At least my left wing tip is done.
Final inspection before closing up the wing. I remembered to remove the plastic this time. Trust me, it's a whole lot easier to get this now than later.
I like to get the rear row of rivets done first. At this point, you can reach the rear rivets with one hand and drive with the other. As you move toward the end of the wing, it gets real hard to reach the rear holes because of the leading edge. There must be a better way.
Actually, there is. How about following Van's instructions. Initially, I could not reach in from the side per Van's instructions, so I talked Dufus into trying. He may be fat and ugly, but since he's stupid, you can talk him into anything. He sure can reach into some tight spots. I like his cloths. I heard that he spends all of his money on this airplane, so he has nothing but rags to wear.
This is when you are happy that you did a good job of deburring those lightening holes in the ribs; otherwise, this would have been a nice Halloween picture.
Good progress. All of the rivets on the rear spar, most of the rivets on the two middle ribs, and half of the other rivets. Almost done with the wings!