Wing - Fixtures and stands

2004-11-07 - Building a paint stand.. (6.0 Hrs).

Yesterday and today, I took down the wing stand and started building a paint stand. The paint stand is intended to suspend a subassembly, such as a wing, or the horizontal stabilizer, between two stands for painting. I built two end stands, each of which accepts a PVC pipe bolted to a bracket. The bracket would be bolted to the subassembly to be painted. The stands allow the subassembly to be rotated while painting so you can paint both sides.

The wing stand in pieces.
Look ma, no big piece of lumber in the middle of the garage to walk into. It's nice, not having to duck when I go in and out of the garage door.
Two paint stands. The PVC would connect to a bracket on the piece to paint.
Here's the bracket for the wing spar.
Here's how they connect together. Note the wing is still sitting on the table. I have to build a bracket for the other end.
This is a wing dolly, which is used to move the wing around. My wife has a hard time carrying one end of the wing, so this should make moving the wing to the storage rack easier.