Wing - Fiberglass

2004-11-21 - Right wing tip. (3.5 Hrs).

I was going to move the wing out to the storage platform, and bring in the empennage pieces, but it was raining today, so I decided to finish the right wing tip first. I should have done this anyway.


First thing is to attach the aileron, so you can figure out what needs to be cut off of the wing tip to make it fit. This is when I discovered that the outer rivets on the inboard aileron bracket were in backwards. The plans say "flush side outboard"--oops! You can see that the shop head interferes with the left side of the bracket.

I drilled-out the rivets and replaced them--works great.
I could not remember what I used on the left wing tip to cut the notch in the end of the wing tip to make it fit against the aileron. I think it was a dremel tool, but the disk sander in a drill works better. Either way, it is still a mess.
After removing a bit of the wing tip you can get a better measurement. There needs to be 1/4" between the wing tip and the aileron. I've got more to grind off.
The wing tip is held in place with masking tape until it can be drilled to the wing.
This probably needs a little more trimming. Once you have enough of the wing tip ground down, you can drill the holes in the wing tip and attach it to the wing with clecoes.
Look closely, and you can see a huge gap between the wing tip and the leading edge of the wing. I had the same problem on the left wing tip, and I spent a few hours filing the wing tip to get it to fit. On the right wing tip, I think I will try some Super-Fil.
The rest of the fit was really good.