Wing - Fiberglass

2004-11-26 - Right wing tip. (3.0 Hrs).

This week, I filled-in the gap between the wing tip and the leading edge of the wing. I wrapped Saran Wrap around the leading edge so the Super-Fil would not stick to the wing. Then I filled in the gap and built-up the wing tip a little. Super-Fil is pretty easy to work with, however, if you try to put it on too thick, it pulls up, so I did this with two applications. After the first application, I sanded it down and applied another coat to fill the holes. After two applications, I was pretty happy with the results.

Today, I finished sanding down the Super-Fil patch, then I drilled and installed the nutplates that hold the wing tip on.

I think this was the first application.
This is what it looked like after the second application was sanded down.
A view of the inside.
Drilling the 3/32" holes to 1/8" so I can attach the nutplates.
Looks like another nutplate factory.
One hole done, holding the nutplate in place for the second hole.
I did the countersinking freehand.
All of the nutplates installed, the wing has been drilled to #19 and dimpled--everything fit great.