Empennage - Paint

2004-12-11 - Prep and prime the HS. (4.0 Hrs).

Today, I prepared the horizontal stabilizer for painting, and primed it. Prep consisted of removing all of the corrosion that I found, and then using a Scotch-brite pad to scratch-up all of the surfaces for priming. Oh, yeah, somewhere in here I managed to build the paint stand attachment for the HS. The paint stand is really working out nicely. I really think this is going to make the difference when I spray the topcoat.

Special tool for getting the corrosion in the crevices. Better known as "Scotch-brite taped to the end of a screwdriver" for those who are unfamiliar with high-tech tool techniques.
Corrosion is all gone, ready to paint, almost.
I replaced several bad rivets with BS-319-MKS pop rivets. I used epoxy to fill the holes in the rivets. We'll see how this works out. Later, it was clear that I needed to do a little better job of sanding this down.
The paint stand worked real good to hold the HS for the wash down and dry.
Here's a picture of the paint stand bracket for the HS.
The paint stand made priming a lot easier.
All primed, ready to paint in 8 hours.