Empennage - Paint

2004-12-20 - Painting the HS. (1.0 Hrs).

I sanded the white paint on the HS, and painted it again. This actually came out worse than the previous effort. I noticed that the white paint had little specs of paint sticking up like sandpaper. I think the problem has to do with the paint itself, which is past its shelf-life.

A year ago, I used the red paint to paint several fiberglass parts, and I used the white paint to paint the trim tab. A month ago, when I reopened the white paint, I noticed that it was very thin and not white at all. There was a solid layer on the bottom of the bottle that was like plaster. I spent over an hour crushing and stiring the hard layer of paint until it seemed to be mixed back into the liquid.

I used the white paint to paint the trim tab again, and it seemed to work ok. I was pretty happy that I was able to rejuvinate this paint past its published shelf-life. However, now that I am at the bottom of the bottle, what's left just won't mix in with the liquid anymore, and the residue is showing up on the surface of the painted piece. I think maybe I should be filtering this paint like the instructions say to do. I have just enough white paint left for one more try. We'll see if I can get it right tomorrow.

You can clearly see the specs of paint here.
The whole surface is like sandpaper.