Empennage - Paint

2004-12-22 - Painting the HS. (4.0 Hrs).

I looked at the white paint, and sure enough, the bottom of the bottle was covered with what looked like white sand. I spent fifteen minutes trying to crush the residue, but it just wouldn't mix anymore. This was the end of the bottle, so it was my last chance. This time I poured the paint through a piece of cloth before mixing it with the hardener. The final result was a lot better than before, but not perfect. I am done with the white paint for now, since I am out. I will have to decide later whether or not this is acceptable.

Here's the problem.
After filtering the paint, I managed to get a good wet coat after two light fog coats.
When I did this section, the paint started to show little craters, so I really layed on a thick coat here. The paint started to flow, and most of the craters disappered. Unfortunately, the HS was tilted about 5° and an hour later, I noticed that I had this run. Other than this run, which I will have to sand out and patch later, the HS came out close to acceptable.
Another picture of the same area. You can still see a few craters in the upper part of the picture.
You can still see some light orange peel along the edges.