Fuselage - Bulkheads

2004-12-30 - Fuselage Kit arrives. (6.0 Hrs).

My fuselage kit was scheduled to ship sometime during the week of the 20th, so I was waiting all week for Van's to email me when it had shipped. I finally called on the 27th, and found out that it shipped on the 23rd, and was scheduled to be in town the 28th. I'm pretty sure that they emailed me on the wing.

Anyway, it finally showed-up today. I had 10 weeks from the time that I finished the wing until the fuselage showed up. I was supposed to paint the empennage and the wing--that didn't happen. It's hard to get anything done during the holidays, so all I got painted was the horizontal stabilizer. Of course, I did finish the other wing tip, and I did a lot of research into rotary engines, so it wasn't a total waste of time. Oh, well, painting will have to wait--I'm ready to start on the fuselage.

$5800 = two boxes (1 large, 1 small). Yeah, I know the big one is upside down. The driver asked if I wanted to turn it over, but all I saw was the one skid and I assumed that was the top. Guess I was a little excited.
In out of the rain. For those of you who are interested in this kind of stuff, the big box was 8'x3'2"x13", and the little one is 2'x4'x10". Total weight was 360 lbs. I estimate the little box to be about 100 lbs, so the big box was probably 260 lbs.
All nicely packed, let the fun begin.
Looks like all of the weldments. I see a flap rod, and some landing gear stuff.
A folder with my name on it. I guess this is my kit.

That looks like a rear fuselage side skin, and there's the bottom of the rear fuselage. This thing is half-assembled, well, almost.

Everything unpacked--I thought. I actually stepped inside the box to get a part, then I noticed the blue in the corner. We are not done yet.
There was a firewall under that paper, and, oh, boy, the instrument panel.
Under that was the front side skins--notice the NACA duct.
Don't forget the center console taped to the side of the box.
There's the landing gear on the bottom. Those suckers are heavy.
All of the parts from the weldment box.
After all of that unpacking, I got to go inside and start the inventory on the bag of bagged parts. There are 67 bags here. Unloading the boxes, getting them open, and unpacking them took about an hour. Then, somehow I spent 5 more hours inventoring the bagged parts, and I was only half done.