Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-01-06 - Fuselage Kit Inventory. (0.5 Hrs).

I spent a half-hour finding places for all of the fuselage parts. Now, I should be ready to get started on building the thing.

All of the parts have been picked-up, and the paper crushed.
I moved the short skins out of the way. Most of the bagged kits (pitot, vents, etc. and smaller weldments are on the saw table, er, airplane parts storage rack.
Most of the pieces fit under the table.
The big gear weldments are under the end table. Note, I never really work on that table. In fact, I was standing on that table the other day to tie empennage pieces to the ceiling, and the table broke in half. Warning, you probably already know this, but do not stand on those cheap tables that you get at Office Depot--you've been warned!
The longer skins are laying along the side of the table. This is pretty much what I did with the wings, and it worked ok.
There's the firewall, ready to be worked on.