Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-01-08 - Preparing the bulkheads - firewall. (5.0 Hrs).

I fabricated the F-601P spacers and the F-601E stiffener, plus, I match-drilled most of the pieces to the firewall.

F-601D-R-1 fits in the notch in F-601C-1. The corners at the end of F-601D-R-1 need to be rounded slightly to fit.
If you just do normal deburring on the inside of F-601C-1 with a file, both parts will fit perfectly.
All of the pre-drilled pieces cleco'd to the firewall, ready to match-drill.
F-601E-1 is made from AA6-063x3/4x3/4. That's the 6 foot piece of thin angle.
Here's another one of Van's techwriter's jokes. The plans specify the corner pieces to be cut to 11/16". I suspect that 3/4" would be just fine, but 11/16" sounds more precise. I'm sure they get a chuckle when they do this.
All cut, deburred, and polished (looking from the top side of the firewall).
The two F-601P spacers are 5/8"x3". As best as I could tell, this is cut from the AS3-063x3 7/8x11 sheet. I decided to use my bandsaw to cut this. It cut real good, but it tended to drift to the right. After a few minutes with the vixen file, this was about right. The next piece should be better.
The next piece actually came out worse. I'm going to have to practice a little with that band saw. I never had this problem with the hacksaw.
After a little sweat, both pieces were ok.
The plans show the holes at 1/4" from the end, and 1/4" from the bottom, etc. However, I found it is just easier to push the piece into place, and drill them using the holes in the WD-602 engine mount bracket.
Then, turn the firewall over, and match-drill from the other side.
Like so.
Next, I match-drilled the F-601E stiffener to the firewall.
Like so.
Finally, I went ahead and match-drilled the F-601K-1 firewall recess to the firewall. I'm tired, that's enough for today.