Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-01-09 - Preparing the bulkheads - firewall. (5.0 Hrs).

Finished preparing the parts on the firewall. I match-drilled the F-601J angles to the firewall. Then, I deburred all of the parts that attach to the firewall, except for the stainless steel. You also need to countersink the parts that lay against the firewall, since the firewall is dimpled. I managed to countersink a few extra parts.

I am debating whether I will prime the parts or not. I really don't see any reason to prime the parts inside where there is no moisture.

Match-drilling F-601J-R. First, you need to position the parts by aligning them with the holes, which should be 1/4" from the bottom of F-601J. Note, the plans say to radius F-601J to fit inside of F-601M, but the parts are actually about an eight-of-an-inch above the bottom edge of F-601M.
Clamp the parts from the rear, then turn the firewall over and drill.
This part (F-601G) should not be countersunk, since it lays on top of other parts. Oh, well.
I also had to reinstall a few parts, since I had the F-601H parts reversed. Again, this was not a problem, because the parts are already drilled by Van's and it didn't make any difference. I just had to make sure that I countersunk the correct side.
This little sucker took forever to debur. It is thick, and the machine marks are fairly deep. Looks ok, now.
Everything countersunk, deburred, and ready to assemble. That is, after I deburr the firewall.