Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-01-16 - Assembling the F-704 bulkhead. (4.0 Hrs).

I started on the F-704 center bulkhead. After opening the parts that came with the wing, I discovered that they were engraved with part numbers, which did not match the parts in the drawings and instructions. They were 71141LFWD, 71141RFWD, 71141LAFT, 71141RAFT, 71141FWD, and 71141AFT. They should have been F-704A, B, C(L/R), D(L/R). This concerned me a little, so I had to ask the guys on the Yahoo RV-7 list. Walter Tondu, suspected that they were production number, not to worry. Yep, 71141, that makes sense. It looks like 247 guys who started their empennage before me did not order wings.

Back to work. I deburred most of the parts for the center section.

Parts deburred, except for holes that need to be match drilled.
The holes in the center section for the snap bushings need to be enlarged to 5/8".
That little hole needs to be enlarged to fit the SB next to it.
That's better.
The tiny holes for the rudder cables need to be drilled for SB625-7.
Close to the edge, but that's good.
With F-704C clecoed to F-704A, the SB hole is partially covered, so the SB needs to be trimmed.
This is one way, but those things are really hard to cut. Maybe my X-acto knife is dull.
This is a better way.
That's good, three more to go.