Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-01-30 - Assembling the F-704 bulkhead. (5.0 Hrs).

Today was a good time to fit the WD-610 control column, so I did. That's what Van's instructions say, but I wasn't sure why. The instructions say to remove the whole assembly and leave the control column mounts when you are done, but you cannot remove the assembly without taking it apart, so why do it now?

After fitting and assembling the control column, it is clear that it is easier to work on this on the bench, than it would be with the center section installed in the fuselage. After the control column was attached to the mounts, it rubbed against the right mount, and I had to do a little filing. This is a lot easier to do on the bench, so this was good to do now, as the instructions say.

You need to drill the bushings to 1/4". The reamer that you bought for the aileron bushings does the job nicely.
After the bushing is drilled, it needs to be shortened so it fits the clevis on WD-610. The disk sander works great here.
Then you install the control stick. This one is the short WD-611.
The pilot's control stick (WD-612) rubbed against the WD-610 clevis. You can see where the powder coat was scratched-off.
So, I filed down the edge of WD-612 and got rid of the sharp edges. I touched-up the scratches with the powder coat touch-up paint.
This is where I had to file the edge of the right F-633, so it would clear the control column.
Here's the left control column mount, bolted to the control column--adjust washers as needed.
The assembled control column on the rear center section.