Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-02-05 - Assembling the F-704 bulkhead. (3.0 Hrs).

I added the F-665 pushrod to the control column, and installed the nutplates on the F-704 center section. I decided that the instructions to remove the control column assembly and leave the control column mounts are incorrect, since this is impossible without disassembling the control column. So, I removed the whole assembly, along with the mounts.

While countersinking the nutplates, I was going from one hole to the next, and accidently countersunk one of the two holes at the center of the forward center section--it happens. Anyway, these holes are not supposed to be countersunk. I looked all over for where these holes are used, and I finally found them in DWG 34A. They are used to hold the F-983A Fuel Valve Plate. I decided to just fill the countersink hole with JB weld. I have never used this stuff, so we'll see how it works out.

Attached the F-665 pushrod.
Removed the whole control column assembly, including the mounts.
Another nutplate production line. As with the wing, I installed the nutplates first, then I did the countersinking, using the nutplate as a guide. A lot easier than some silly subpiece clampped to the center section flange.
Nutplate riveted, and countersink hole drilled.

Oops! The rough feel while I was countersinking should have been a tip-off that something was not right.

All nutplates drilled, holes countersunk, and the bad hole in the center.
A little JB weld should fix things up--we'll see.