Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-02-19 - Assembling the F-705 bulkhead. (4.5 Hrs).

Drilled and filed the F-634 seat-belt anchors. This should have been a relatively simple task, but do not underestimate my ability to turn a simple task into a major operation. The problem here, is that each set of anchors consists of a left and right side piece. The holes for the seat belts do not line-up for each piece, so I tried to make them fit better. In the end, the best approach is to align each anchor with the bottom of the F-705B Center Section Bar, and just drill them.

Here, you can one part drilled, and the other part aligned with the first. When you slide a bolt through the holes for the seat belt it is cock-eyed.
I didn't like this, so I decided to fix the problem. I drilled the second anchor a little higher, so the bolt was straight.
Of course, now, the two anchors were not even, and I decided this really looked bad. So, I removed the first anchor and drilled another anchor, so both parts were aligned.
So, now, each set of anchors are aligned, but one set is about an eighth-of-an-inch higher than all of the others. Like I said, just align all of the anchors along the bottom of F-705B.
All done. It's really not that bad.
When you are done drilling all of the anchors, you need to trim a couple of them, so they do not sit under a rib. Cleco the rib on, and mark the anchor.
The anchor should sit next to the rib, not under it.
All of the parts are drilled, and the doublers are all deburred, and polished.
Since my empennage and wing parts were corroding out under the tarp, I decided to store them inside. This is my solution. The alierons and flaps are thin enough to clear the garage door when it is opened.
The elevators needed to be further in from the front of the garage.
The vertical stabilizor all by itself.