Fuselage - Bulkheads

2005-02-20 - Assembling the F-705 bulkhead. (6.0 Hrs).

Drilled and fit the F-705J/K/L pieces to the F-705F Channel. I, also, went back and trimmed the F-605C Bar Doublers, to lighten them a little, per the plans.

Here's where I went back and trimmed the F-605C Bar Doublers. I tried to use my bandsaw, but the blade just went its own direction, so I started filing the pieces with the vixen file. After a while of this, I decided to just use the Smithy again, which did a great job. One piece done, one to go.
Match-drill the F-705E-L/R Bulkhead Side Doublers to the F-705D-L/R Side Channels.
Here, I am bending the F-705K strips.
They want to be 4.0°. Looks like 7°, ah, close enough.
All of the parts that attach to the F-705F Channel, all cut and deburred.
First, you need to center an F-705L shim between the pre-punched holes on the F-705F channel, clamp the shim and drill the two end holes. The plans say 1/4", and that is exactly right.
Then, you need to clamp on an F-705K plate, and drill that to the shim and the channel. Again, the 11/16" per the plans is just right.
A few holes drilled between F-705L/K/F.
Bottom picture, drilling all of the holes, using the F-705F channel as the guide.
Finally, you need to cut a F-705J from 3/4" angle, clamp it to the F-705F channel, and drill it to the channel.
There's the F-705F channel, the shims are under the F-705K plates, and the F-705J angles are clecoed to the back of the channel. I think the top of the seat backs slide under the F-705K plates, I'm not sure.