Firewall Forward - Engine

2005-04-24 - Engine clean-up. (5.0 Hrs).

I am almost ready to start putting together a good engine from all of my parts, but I do not want to build the engine until I can run it. To do this, I need an engine controller. It looks like Tracy Crook's next batch of engine controllers will not be built until August. So, what I think I'll do is put in my order, and wait until August to build the engine. I am worried about the internal parts rusting while sitting around.

I managed to finish up the front side housing. All cleaned, measured for tolerances, and painted.

Measuring the side housing warp. My thinest feeler gauge is .002" (.051mm), limit is .040mm. Since I could not slide the feeler gauge under the ruler, it's not outside the limit, so that's good enough for me.
Measuring the grooves in the side housing. The manual says to measure this, but it does not give the limits. Looks good enough for me.
I spent a bit of time cleaning out the grooves for the rubber seals. A used apex seal works real good for this, but is hard on your fingers, so I figured a holder of some sort would be useful. Doesn't take much, just a hole in the end of a dowel. The one on the left has a side seal, which is really hard on your fingers. I wish I had thought of this a month ago.
I spent several hours last week degreasing this side housing and the others, but there was still some gunk on them. The sand blaster really cleaned things up. This part just needs some wiping down, and then it is ready to be painted.
Of course, there's the masking to do, first.
I got some new engine paint that is supposed to look like red anodizing. It needs this silver base coat first.
It kinda looks like red anodizing.
I am very happy with the results.